A Short History of the Sikhs

A Short History of the Sikhs

by Sodhi Teja Singh (Author) Language : English Total Download : 278 2.75 Share this Book.....

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This Book describes the first attempt to write a history ofthe Sikhs from a secular stand-point, to show how the foundations of their character were laid by their Gurus, who were their temporal as well as spiritual guides, how suffering intensified their character and moulded their national aim.

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Professor Teja Singh teacher, scholar and translator of the Sikh sacred texts. He wrote in collaboration with Dr Ganda Singh A Short history of the Sikhs ( 1950). Some of his renderings of the holy texts such as japji sahib, Asa ki Var and Sukhmani had established themselves as classics. A scholarly work in Punjabi was Sri Guru Granth Sahib vich Shabadantik Lagan Matran de Gujhe Bhed .


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