The Sikh Heritage (A Search For Totality) By Dr. Daljeet

The Sikh Heritage (A Search For Totality) By Dr. Daljeet

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The Sikh Heritage is a path breaking attempt that collates the lives and times of the ten Sikh Gurus, their work and philosophies and their achievements in history. Exceptionally, the author has added to this wealth of material with works of art, and select artefacts, that develop the cultural content of the Sikh heritage through both words and pictures. While Sikhism developed and flourished recently, its nuances have not been fully absorbed in all sections of society. Few know, for example, that it is a religion of equality, the very basis for the unity built within the community by the ten divine masters who have provided its charter. Dr. Daljeet’s attempt in the book has been to combine this element as practiced by the ten Gurus along with accounts of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who was one of the pivotal characters from history to shape the mindsets of the Sikh community. She also brings light to bear on the importance, within the Sikh cultural and religious heritage, of shabads or hymns and the Adi Granth, the book of learning that defines the Sikh way of living in the absence of idols or images of God. Along with this, she also brings reference to the Gurbani, the Gurmat (or thought), the Guru ka Langar through which the devout and the hungry are fed in a service akin to serving God, as also the community’s architectural heritage, best represented through the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The book has chapters on numismatics, the Golden Temple, Phulkari and shawls contributed by prominent scholars. Fully illustrated with rare miniature paintings and photographs of relics, the book is a visual treat.


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