Sukhmani Sahib The Fount of Serenity

Sukhmani Sahib The Fount of Serenity

by Prof. Surinderjit Singh (Author) Language : English Total Download : 142 Share this Book.....

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All sufferings and sorrows in life can end by reading Sukhmani Sahib comprising of 24 staves (slokas) where begins 24 Cantos (Ashtpadi) each stanza with ten lines and five couplets. This will drive out agonies of all kind and will stir the person clear from major pitfalls in life that leads to sadness. This is the longest of all compositions of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji making people believe of the ultimate providence, lord the Waheguru who is guarding all of us and Sukhmani Sahib is a pathway to that very belief. The lines depict and teach man to live a simple yet blissful life with overall concentration on the perfection of one’s self both morally and spiritually.

As says the lines- Lord’s name is Sukhmani Sahib, peace bestowing nectar and it resides in the mind of his devotees.



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