Sidh Gosht Steek

Sidh Gosht Steek

by Kripal Singh Chandan (Author) Language : Hindi Total Download : 182 Share this Book.....

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A work which started in 1940’s to be made a part of a Gurbani Conference, of which Prof Sahib Singh was a part; 'Sidh Gosht Steek' took almost a decade to come to life. After several hiccups, revisits and additions, the book was finally published in 1953.

Written by Guru Nanak Dev, Sidh Gosht renounces the very idea of renunciation, as largely understood, portraying the acts of going to jungles, and renouncing the needs of the body as mere stunts. In his inimical style, Guru Nanak Dev opines that the true renunciation lies in self less love towards God, which alone has the power to free us from the shackles of this material world. Read it t


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