Punjab Da Samajak Itihas

Punjab Da Samajak Itihas

by Baba Prem Singh Hoti Mardaan (Author) Language : Punjabi Total Download : 929 Share this Book.....

About Author

Baba Prem Singh Hoti Was a historian and biographer. He took to the task with a rare zeal and biographics ,establishing this genre firmly in Punjabi writing and creating a new interest in Sikh history.The series began with a biography of Akali Phula Singh,Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa(1934),and Nawab Kapur Singh (1952). His Khalsa Raj de Usrayye "Builders of the Khalsa Raj" (Vol. I in 1942 and Vol. II in 1944), and Khalsa Raj de Badesi Karinde "Foreign employees of the Sikh Kingdom" (1945) were collections of shorter biographies.


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